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The 10 Best Gadget Gifts for Stylish Women

All parts functional *&* stylish

From accessorizing your phone to leaving your phone fully charged and various silent accessories that keep you fresh, these tech tools make  the perfect status

  • Elegant wireless headphones

This are the days when all your accessories can complement our attires—but never a hassle with a breaking cord. #Headphone for my life

Wireless headphones, $ 69.99 and over

  1. Fashion jewelry

This chic quartz ring vibrates and light up to alert you when you have notifications on your phone.  An Amazing part? One can customize the applications and take note of each vibration.

Quartz ring, USD 61 and over


  1. Insightful voice active speaker

Go to Google home and download the voice- active speaker that syncs with the music library, answers all your questions and schedules your meetings. Get your new “Europe” online ticket today, simple and fast! Repeat on ‘Controlla’ and fire on commands with “Okay, Google.”


  1. Electric on-the-go cord

For females who rarely check for items in the purse (Like Most of us do) At least you have a handy mobile charging cord. The fastest way for instant hit on your bag, it is an exceptional designed piece that charges your phone when you go to places and when you have lots of friends to visit

Powerpuff key chain; USD 60

5.Super slim x060 power bank

Xolo XO60 protects your phone from overcharging or under voltage plus detects current load and other power features. I bet you have never experienced the stress when your phone dies and the lights are out. The power bank consists of a metallic finish, tipped to create an ergonomic friendly and better holding gadget.


  1. Instant mini cameras

A digital camera that produces instant photos plus the collapsible lens; and flash are amazing for low lighting events. The photos we take are never printed but with Fuji instax cameras you have a digital pack inclusive of credit sized pictures, bright and crisp experience. Its designs and colors make it extraordinary.

Instax mini 8 USD 70


7.Stylish Bracelet

This is week-long life battery on top Fitbit and you do not need to worry anymore. With push notifications  that act as reminder for your exercises, upcoming events you can successfully finish 2017 with ease (AKA the reminder, AKA best partner) This is one way to achieve your fitness goals. The fitbit device tracks all your activities—all steps, exercises, sleep, calories and distances—to ensure you are active and fit.

Fitbit Fitness tracker USD 130


  1. Waterproof speakers

Fortunately we have the ultimate solution, i like music; would i risk my gadgets with water shower? Well, with smart waterproof shower, you can listen to your favorite tunes while charging your mobile phone as well. This is an excellent speaker that provides high quality sound.

Mini- wireless waterproof speaker USD 28.58


9. Supersonic hair dryer

This is the professional invention, designed for salons that enhances intelligent shine, contains digital motor that functions at high speeds. This is a noiseless dryer that records time while protecting your hair from heat damage.

Hair dryer, USD 399.99


10. 3D iPhone repellant case

Spray anytime and get results.


Similarly, if you are looking to give gifts to house wives then gardening tools, quick house cleaning equipments and reliable emergency light batteries could also be good gifts.  

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