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The 10 Scariest Haunted Houses in Videogames

Horror games have been an integral part of the console and PC system. Every year big money video game organizations produce such masterpieces that they send gamers into a wild frenzy with their utmost perfect graphical structure and broader story lines, today we will look at the top ten most haunted houses in video game history and the list can include some classics that may fall short on the CGI but are surely ranked among the best horror games of all time.

Following is the list of most horrifying haunted houses in the best type of games you’ll ever play:

  • Bright Falls (ALAN WAKE, 2010)

Set in the small mountain town of bright falls, Alan wake is one of the most unique and intriguing games I have ever played with a very specific gameplay in which our protagonist roams around the small town in search of answers as to what is happening to the people around him, a complete setup in an utter dark background with sometimes only a flashlight to navigate our way through Alan wake is surely up there.


Probably the most bone chilling game I’ve ever played, the sheer background music makes you want to turn your console off and playing it in the middle of the night was always a scary experience the setup of the huge university plus the random movement of some zombie like things accompanied by the twisted storyline makes it one of the best horror games ever.


The most gruesome and weird game ever with the utter madness of the different dimensions the game throws you into, it’s bound to have a lasting effect on your mind. The beacon mental hospital is filled with illusions and terrifying entities like ‘The hammer’ scaring the hell out of you, the game is one of the most perfect specimens of its kind.

  • House of the dead (1996)

The game that started it all, it might be short on the graphics but in its time regarded as the greatest first person horror game along with setting up the base for several other titles, The house of the dead is full of filthy zombies and creatures like a giant spider and an alien as boss battles.

  • USG Ishimura (Dead space 2008)

One of the more graphically enriched horror games, dead space was an instant fan favorite with its unique game play which was set up in an isolated spaceship which adds to the horror element perfectly plus the monstrous human corpses were always a shivering encounter.

  • Grabbed by the ghoulies (2003)

As indicated by the unusual title the game is kind of an old addition to this list but the game is a classic for it’s simple yet intriguing storyline plus the all kinds of ghosts you encounter during the time in the castle was a scare fest for me at least when I was a kid.

  • Coast of Ireland (Undying 2001)

Another classic edition, this game is one of the most detailed and difficult games ever to comprehend because of the seemingly endless depths of the castle and the darkness and the magical haunted entities just strike fear in the hearts of the gamers even now.

  • Shosei School (CALLING 2009)

This game was low on ratings when it came out but soon became a cult classic because of its relatively extreme horror origin, the shosei school is one of the most horrific places in video game history filled with supernatural forces all the while making it the worse experience for the protagonist when the ghosts contact you on your own cell phone.

  • The Hospital (Ju-on: The Grudge, 2008)

As a kid I was pretty excited when the game came out but this game is probably the most mind boggling horror game I have played because of the utter darkness in the surroundings and the quiet and cold environment makes your heart stop whenever a ghost leaps out of nowhere along with the creepy noises that made Grudge so famous in the first place.

  • Sedgewick hotel (Ghostbusters: The video game)

How can a haunted house list not contain the infamous ghost busters? One of the most famous movie franchises when morphed into a game gave more perspective to the sedgewick hotel with several ghosts being caught along with the huge environment and the terrific game play made it a necessity on the list.

Needed a new set of addition to your games list? We can assure you here you’ll get all those you mustn’t have tried yet!

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