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7 Contemporary Houses and their Inspiring Garages

The garage, which is your car’s room, is just as important as any other room you may have, yet more often than not, it is ignored for other ‘more important’ rooms. Have you ever thought of having a garage made to whichever design you desire, what design would you pick?

With trending modern contemporary architecture catching on, homeowners are looking for something different for their garage, just like they are for the rest of the home. We compiled a list of inspiring garages for their innovation and enhanced features, as well as the beauty and elegance of the car rooms.

Here are 7 inspiring designs:

1.   House above Car Parking

This two car garage, the Elise Residence, was outlined by Coates Design Architects. It has a simple modernistic design which comprises of the garage which is on the ground level. The garage is however just a part of the ground floor- above it is the living spaces. The garage is not divided and is not enclosed on the front or rear with the living room floor serving as its roof and part of the ground floor as one wall.

2.   Black and White Contemporary House

Highlighting a moderate, highly contrasting outline, this home was a venture by Andres Remy Arquitectos and is situated in Buenos, Aires, Argentina. The project was to be simplistic and functional. Along the lot is a pool that can be spotted from any location of the house. The other utilitarian component is the garage located beneath the cantilevered structure.

3.   Planalto House

The Planalto House, situated in Sao Paulo, Brazil, was planned by Flavio Castro. Its practical design features a progression of rectangular spaces and perpendicular volumes. Above the garage is a terrace which is a fascinating combination that works for the contemporary structure. There is also a recreational area next to the terrace. The basic and useful plans are perfect for big homes.

4.   Hidden Garage Door

This house designed by 81.WAW.PL named the Wooden Cube House is a simplistic house made of glass and wood and has a clean outline. The house features a hidden garage up front which ideally is just a white stage. The moderate approach was used all through the house and affect both its outline and stylistic theme.

5. Roof Car Park House

This contemporary living arrangement situated in Los Angeles was outlined by Anonymous Architects. They concocted a challenging out of the box idea for this home with its garage on the roof. Considering the location of the home, it is an unordinary but fitting design to match the surrounding environment. The garage is outdoors placed directly above the living area.

6.   Suburban Beach House

This beach house, sitting atop a natural Limestone Outcrop was designed by David Barr & Ross Brewin for a young couple. It is compartmentalized inside into two distinct zones- the day zone and the night area. The zones are separated by a corridor. The car port which is a secured area hidden underneath the house forms part of the living area on the ground floor.

7.   Modern Extension to Edwardian Cottage House

This Edwardian Bungalow is situated in Melbourne, Australia and was recently extended to create more space. The initial building is a heritage building and had to be preserved, thus the outside had to remain as is. The extension, which took an unexpectedly exceptional shape comprises of a day zone, the car port, and a den. The garage, which is open air is situated beneath the lifted structure.

Inspired yet? There are even more elegant designs of garages to fit your stylistic needs. All you have to do is find the one that works for you. The aforementioned designs are just the tip of the iceberg.


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