41 thoughts on “CAPTAIN MARVEL Trailer #3 NEW (2019) Superhero Movie HD

  1. Theory for everyone-she crash landed somewhere (maybe some brain trauma), got experimented on by aliens, was trained to be an elite soldier by said aliens…you dont think maybe the movie will be about her rediscovering her own humanity?

    Maybe that's why she seems so coarse in the trailers. Sorry, but when's the last time you remember Marvel making a flat character?

  2. But that part

    With HER

    With HERO

    Wtf we see she is female do they need to throw that our faces ?! The fuk…
    Movie looks boring,and i will wrote the same thing I wrote before trailers,If she just appears like ,,Hello There,I am here to help,btw i am a wemen and more powerful then Thanos" I am going to be pissed off..
    But i have faith in Marvel..So i think they wont ruin everything, with this one character.

  3. Do you guys remember when they advertised Captain America- When they constantly reminded us it's a "him"? What about Ironman's genitals? Thor's? Hulk's? Ant-Man's? Black Widow's? Warmachine's? Spiderman's? Scarlett Witch's? Vision's? Falcon's? The Guardian's? Oh that's right, that doesn't make a hero. I guess that was missed here…

  4. I tried… I tried… I tried to appreciate this product. All trailers are basic, the main characters have the presence and substance of drying paint, and I think I have heard the same dialogue in other movies. This is one tiny notch better than the stuff we watch on network tv (qualitywise).

  5. I'll admit when I first heard about Captain Marvel I didn't at all like the idea of a female protagonist. I started hating her and still when the first trailer came out. But now seeing the latest trailer I might change my mind…

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