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Fifty Shades of Grey’ Lubricant Claimed Ineffective In Class-Action Lawsuit

A woman in California has lodged a class-action lawsuit against the author of The Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy, EL James, and a British erotic toy business over a sex lubricant. Her outcry? The lube based on the Fifty Shades theme did not deliver the proverbial goods.


The lady, named Tania Warchol insists that she bought Fifty Shades of Grey Come Alive Pleasure Gel for Her, twice, and the lubricant failed to function correctly as many times.  


The charge notes that the Lube’s packaging assures users increased orgasms and arousal as every touch, tingle, and vibration deepens. Also, the box is aptly inscribed with the lines from the second Fifty Shades novel “I surrender, exploding around him — a draining, soul-grabbing orgasm that leaves me spent and exhausted.”


However, it was anticlimactic at best, the complainant said.  


In a nutshell, Tania Warchol believed the lube contains emphatic aphrodisiac qualities that will intensify her sexual pleasure, but presumably, nothing of that sort happened. Moreover, the lawsuit comprises other accusations about the product’s legal classification, including the fact that it is improperly registered with the Federal Drug Administration (FDA). The complaint also questioned the product’s labeled latex compatibility, as for the gel to have that distinction, it ought to be listed with the FDA in the correct Class of a Medical Device.


Ms. Warchol has filed the lawsuit at the behest of every individual who bought the said product in the past four years. The lady is claiming infractions of California’s unfair competition law as well as that of the Consumer Legal Remedies Act (CLRA). Furthermore, she wants the defendants to repay everybody who ever bought the product, apart from paying punitive damages.


However, while Tania is fighting the inadequacy of orgasms in the court, readers can find their latex-compatible lubricants here!


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