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Halloween Essay Ideas

Annually, on the final day of the middle autumn month, people of any age turn into versatile terrific and marvelous creatures to celebrate the ancient holiday called Halloween. The current name of the feast comes from the phrase of All Hallows Even. Yet, the history of the event originates from ancient Celts and their high day of Samhain. They rejoiced the close of the harvest time and welcomed the coming wintertime. Today, people put other sense in this tradition and take it for fun and joy.

Integral features of modern interpretation of Celtic feast include costumes of unreal creatures, items, fictional characters, celebrities and other options based on the people’s imagination. Children also participate in the event since their traditional activity is associated with trick-or-treating. They get candies while the hosts of visited houses try to scare these small visitors in a friendly way. A great atmosphere of joy and happiness is the best characteristic of the event.

As a rule, every holiday provides a plenty of emotions to people who celebrated it. In the current times of digitalization, we used to share our emotions and opinion through social networks and photos. However, putting your experience in writing is also a decent way to introduce your impression of a certain event. In this case, custom essay writing is not necessary if you are overfilled with ideas and emotions. Still, some people need to be guided to express their ideas. Halloween is a wonderful topic to do this.

What to Write About?

If you have doubts regarding the topic associated with this magnificent event, make emphasis on things that impressed you to the highest extent. Let’s begin with the most evident one.


Today, inventing a costume for the event has become a real challenge. People invest costs and efforts to impress their community with an extraordinary appearance. On this account, remember the most impressive costume on the party and describe it.

If you are an experienced Halloween fan, you can share the history of your costumes for the latest years. I suppose that many would be glad to get familiar with such information.

Halloween Accessories

Costumes are not the only accessory available for the holiday. This event is full of versatile decorations designed to scare everyone who approaches them. Some people do not limit their imagination with the Jack-o-Lantern only but create the real dungeons or torture rooms in their houses and apartments. If you were deeply impressed with such venue, it could be a great topic to describe in the essay.

The Scariest Moment

In the present time, the essence of the All Hallows’ Day is to create a scary atmosphere in a house, district, and even town. Indeed, the feast is often supported at the level of public administration to make a real feast for citizens. The entire society is involved in the celebration. Thus, everyone attempts to shake the ghost into the surrounding people. Versatile tricks and frightful jokes are everywhere.

Perhaps, you became a victim of such scenario and had a heart in mouth. Do not be ashamed to describe every detail and share it with the people. It is just a joke.  At the same time, you could be on the other side and caused someone to be frightened to death. You have a green light to boast of the entire preparation process to this small but funny achievement.

The best way to find a topic for the essay about Halloween is to get in the reader’s shoes. Imagine the topic you would read with interest. In most cases, you will succeed choosing such writing strategy.


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