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Invisible braces give adult India a smile like Ash

Most of the rich and famous in the world with more emphasis in the West and the not as popular in urban India, have chosen to correct their smiles whether they are 20 years of age or 40 plus years old. They are able to do this through the use of invisible braces which were previously only available in ugly and bent material and were mainly for use by children.

These dental braces are now facing the highest demand from adults who want to have smiles like those of the famous and correct the dental defects they have.

Plastic and ceramic braces

Braces are now available in both natural teeth color and transparent colors. However, they are not recommended when the teeth are heavily misaligned though lingual braces are functional when dealing with crooked teeth and are in most cases used by people who have a very involved public life. They are ordinarily unseen unlike the metallic ones because they are made with fittings of the inner face of the teeth resulting to them being hidden from view.

Pain resulting from over biting of the food has led to some people acquiring this orthodontic devices privately and even their closest friends are unaware as they are not easily visible. They are in normal cases used for both health and cosmetic reasons. In the earlier noted case, it helps reduce swellings and eases the pain experienced in the chewing process.

Some who were earlier afraid of smiling for fear of embarrassment have gotten fitted with some despite their advanced age. This is in most cases done after the particular person realizes the alignment of their teeth is deteriorating at a particularly accelerated rate thus gaining the worst kind of attention in various social gatherings.

Other than fear of having unattractive looking teeth in social gatherings, formal ones e.g. board rooms can prove to be intimidating as well. Having the braces can limit eating of certain foodstuff like chicken lollipops but this is seen by many as a small cost to carry compared to the expected positive outcome to be seen after some time.

Reasons for the braces

  •         They tend to alter triangle features of the face with aging as what was alright at 15 isn’t at 30 years old.
  •         For cosmetic reasons like having perfectly good looks.
  •         They improve aesthetic of teeth and they have restorative material benefitting the teeth.

With growing availability and affordability of invisible braces, people with dental problems not only in India, but the world over, will be able to deal with and overcome the problems with the many benefits. In addition, the challenges which come with the dental problems such as difficulty eating, interaction with others, self-esteem, and confidence etc. will be overcome.

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