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Mercedes-Benz’s vision of luxury makes driving optional

Talking about the luxuries of Mercedes-Benz, no one can stop himself to admire it. Mercedes-Benz’s Dealers are so proud and happy to see it.

Well, no need to take tension for the drivers to drive a car. They can control it with computer chip and sensors. Four seater cars including driving seat can be rotated. Its seats look like sitting in your lounge and feeling like you are at home.

Mercedes-Benz is tested in 2014. It is tested in Silicon Valley. It was a successful test. The care is called “Luxury in Motion”. Its power is full plugin-hybrid powertrain.

Its rotating seats make easy to step out of the car. There are six display screens. They can be controlled by touch, eye-contact or gestures.

The exterior of the Mercedes-Benz is also attractive and lush. The material used to make its exterior body, made it 40% lighter than the other cars of today. It has a roof frame which makes it more attractable and beautiful. It has LED lights which change colors if the car is driving by a driver or without a driver. It turns blue if the car is driving by itself and it turn white if the driver is driving.


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