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Paleo: the ancient diet guaranteed to improve your health

Known by a variety of names the Paleo Diet is taking the world by storm.  The thought of consuming ancient foods seems odd to some but let’s just take a look at what that really means.

 The Paleo diet focuses on constructing a nutritious eating plan that involves mimicking the diet of our ancestors, specifically in the Paleolithic era: a time when agriculture was undeveloped and grain-free.  The Paleo diet is low-carb with the omission of carbohydrates and sugars.  Because the focus is on establishing healthy eating, the pressure to lose weight is gone.  The truth is that you’ll simply lose weight because of the reduction in carbs and sugars you are consuming.  If you want to modify the diet it’s as simple as adding more fruits and vegetables.

 Here’s a list of some of the foods that you’ll find in the Paleo diet:

  Wild foods – grass-fed meats, game meats, and fish – with the exclusion of meats from farm-raised animals.

  • Fruits and vegetables – not all are acceptable, so make sure you check.  It will depend on what version of the diet you are committing to.
  • Eggs, nuts, seeds and anything you can forage for.  For example, fungi and roots are acceptable on the diet.

 It’s important to omit foods such as legumes, grains, and dairy as these products would not have been available in the Paleolithic era.  Salt and sugar are unacceptable and some versions of the diet do not allow alcohol or caffeine.

 How does the Paleo Diet stack up?

The Paleo Diet is all about going back to the origins and advocating the consumption of high-quality unrefined produce rather than eating processed foods as a replacement for what you are letting go of.  There is no substitute for the best products and it’s worth your while to invest in the highest quality that you can afford for your health’s sake.

 In 2007 a study was published in the Diabetologia journal outlining the benefits of the diet.  The researchers looked at two variations of the celebrity diet – the Paleo Diet and the Mediterranean Diet – and how these diets affected 29 patients suffering from high blood sugar and heart disease.  After 12 weeks, those who were on the Paleo diet encountered a noticeable improvement in glucose tolerance.  Those on the Mediterranean Diet did not fare as well.

 According to Kathleen M. Zelman, MPH, RD, LD, director of nutrition for, the paleolithic diet for weight loss can positively contribute to lowering the risk of:

  • Blood pressure issues
  • Cardiovascular disease
  •  Markers of inflammation,
  • Weight loss and
  • A reduction in acne, just to name a few positive results.

 Since food processing and consumption has altered so significantly since the Paleolithic era, it’s not possible to completely mimic the original diet but there are a number of steps you can take that will ensure you have the best possible results.

 Go gluten-free

Going gluten-free these days is getting a lot easier with many major food producers coming to the party and altering their products to suit this growing market.  Your body will thank you, you’ll sleep better and feel better!

 Eat a variety of food types

Ensure that you select from a wide variety of food sources including lean meats, fish, eggs, organ meats, fruits and vegetables, and nuts.  Choose organic as often as you can.  No one really needs man-made chemicals in their system.

What’s in your cup?

What we drink is equally important.Omit soft drinks, caffeine, and dairy drinks and increase your intake of water, green tea, and coconut water. It takes time for the body to process more complex chemical combinations so the simpler the better.

 Substitute for a sweet tooth

Feeling a desperate need for something sweet?  Choose raw honey or coconut sugar but limit it is as much you can.

 So what’s next?

Choosing to change your diet is a long-term decision. Recognize that the results will vary from person to person and that your body may take some time to adjust to the new regime.  Hang in there!  Check out further details regarding the Paleo Diet and see that the upside to it is that being on this kind of diet is pretty relaxing.  Because you are substituting poor food choices for nutrient-rich, high quality produce, your body will feel like it’s gone on holiday!

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