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I made this Trailer of Prison Break Season 5 – Revival, because
for me the official Trailer gave too much information.
If they had shown only the first 45 seconds, I would have given a standing ovation .. But unfortunately was too big… Showing Michael alive already in the trailer killed all the mistery since Prison Break success is well known by their surprises.. Just the photo of Michael would have been enough.

From the 2 minute trailer that I saw, I will leave here a small summary of what I think will be the 5th season by the information that the trailer gave me. It is purely my speculation, You dont need to agree.

Paul Kellerman being Senator, released T-Bag from Fox River to work for him as his informer due to the envelope received with a picture of Michael. This envelope was sent from Yemen by Arab “friends” of C-Note who now is a Muslim and has a mosque in New York.
These Arabs are willing to share the location of the prison and help in the escape of Michael in exchange for money.
So T-Bag showed the photo to Lincoln and Lincoln informed Sarah and thats why he was gathering a lot of money to go to Yemen with C-Note to rescue Michael with the help of these Arabs.
In Yemen, Lincoln and C-Note start receiving messages written on paper airplanes, as you can see in this photo that says “FIND THE SHEIK OF LIGHT AND I WILL BE FREE” – The use of Sheik expression is applied to name the leader of an Arab family, a clan or a tribe.
But as we all already know Michael, he always thinks differently, and refers to “SHEIK” not as a person but as a location, “find the main generator of light and I will be free ..”
That’s the code message Michael sent for them to do a full city blackout so the prison becomes dark and he can escape .. (Similar To SONA escape)
But since in Prison Break nothing is ever easy .. Some of these Arabs who posed as “friends” of C-Note are in fact members of ISIS (Islamic State) and Michael photo was the bait for a big trap to catch all in Yemen because ISIS controls Yemen Prison. Michael suffered Amnesia due to the electrocution or the brain tumor removal thats why he didnt escape earlier, and will be his son Michael Jr. the key to Michael recover his memory.
Michael was sent to Yemen Prison because the Goverment of United States was ashamed and tired of his Prison Escapes.
But in Yemen since ISIS controls the Prison, when they saw Michael they recognized him from the American News since Michael become such a celebrity due to his Prison escapes so ISIS knowing that Scofield is a genius decided to use him for their own purposes..
The Problem is that Michael Scofield is suffering from Amnesia due to the electric schock and brain tumor removal surgery so he wont be such a big help for ISIS purposes.
This is my version of how it will be in general the 5th Season.
Let’s see if I’m right or not .. Anyway, we will have many more surprises beyond that, they didnt show Sucre yet in the middle of this story and many other new characters …

Greetings Prisoners & Breakers.

Video Edited By: T-Bag Jr.


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