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Side Effects of Meal Replacement Shakes

An excess weight can become a trigger to start using a meal replacement. Judging from the name, the key function is to replace a wholesome food or a full meal like lunch or breakfast. The shakes are the providers of the essential elements required by the body organs. Moreover, they are designed to make a user feel full and satiated. The feeling of satiation prevents a user from eating the countless snacks and decreases the number of calories that will be consumed within a day. Nevertheless, the search for the best protein shake may become a real challenge because many factors must be taken into account. The key factor in the search is the content of the shake. Unfortunately, some manufacturers add the artificial or cheap ingredients to lower the price of a product. At the same time, the quality of a supplement goes down and different side reactions may be observed.

Lack of Nutrients

An MR shake is the source of numerous healthy ingredients. The content of each ingredient is shown on the package of each product. Such indication is very important since a user needs to control the daily rate of a certain ingredient.

Nevertheless, you must realize that in spite of the attractive content of ingredients, the MR shakes are not capable of supplying the same amount of the required nutrients as the wholesome food has. For this reason, it is advised to replace not more than two full meals a day regardless of the calories supplied by the MR supplement.


The caloric content of the protein shakes varies depending on the brand. The mean energy value provided by the most supplements is around 200 calories per serving. Thus, the users replacing two meals and more within a day may experience a significant crash of calories. As a result, a user feels fatigue or tired because of the drastic cut of the energy value. If you follow a low-calorie diet, for example, 2,000 calories a day, this value of calories must be achieved otherwise you will not feel fit. It is especially important for those who cannot imagine their life without active exercises or whose work requires a physical activity.

Reducing calories may cause stress to your body. Hence, make sure to reduce the caloric value little by little and start your substitution of a full meal with one per day.


Replacing a nutrient-enriched food with an MR shake may affect a digestive tract. Fiber is an essential ingredient required by the body. The daily need for fiber for women and men is 26 and 38 grams respectively. Unfortunately, the MR shakes cannot offer such an amount of fiber. Therefore, when you replace a full meal, your body does not get fiber comprehensively. Eventually, such side effects as constipation or diarrhea may be observed. To avoid these unwanted reactions, your body requires an adequate amount of fiber (insoluble and soluble).


One of the reasons why the people consume the meal replacements is an effort to get rid of an overweight. However, when a person ceases taking a shake after a long period of use, he or she may experience a reverse effect. The MR shakes make your body addictive to the digestible products reducing the performance of the whole food processing. This results in gaining an excess weight.

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