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Top 10 Travel Movies to Get You Going

Movies are very influential. They make us cry and they make us laugh very hard. Some even affect the lives of people forever. This is why each and every person fond of movies gives a certain percentage of importance to them and make them a part of their lives by watching new movies at least once a week.


There are ample of genres available for movies. Not everyone might be fond of all kinds of movies however the ones generally liked are action, love and comedy movies. However, another kind which influence people in another way are travel movies which have the ability to make people get out of their own homes and start traveling.

Travel movies are based on making the main characters travel with an interesting story associated with them. These movies might be sad or highly emotional however they have ample scenes of traveling inspiring people who watch them to travel on their own as well.

Below are some of the greatest classics which have been known to influence people to get up and leave:

Around the World in 80 days

One of the best travel classics is known to be the movie, Around the World in 80 Days. This movie is based on a novel by Jules Verne and has won many awards due to its travel story. In this movie an Englishman makes a bet that he can travel the world in 80 days and goes on a venture to accomplish just that.



This is another great travel movie involving a week long road trip by two middle-aged men. They tend to have a lot of fun on the way and also encounter a number of problems but that does not stop them from keep on going.


With the best graphics, Up was an animated movie which showed the importance of traveling to its viewers. This movie touched the hearts of many with the story of the main character who is shown as an old man.


An American in Paris

An American in Paris is an old classic which was a musical hit for the music and travel fans. It was about a person in Paris who moved as a foreigner and meets a young lady who he falls in love with. She eventually gets married to another person and the love story continues to suffer.

Lost in Translation

In this movie, two people travel to Tokyo for two different reasons. The movie being shot in Japan, was one of the best original screenplays for many people.


Out of Africa

This movie was based on a perfect love affair between two individuals in the midst of Africa. The untamed scenes of the movie are breath-taking which is why it is a perfect movie to watch and be inspired by.


The motorcycle diaries

Two people in this movie venture out on a motorcycle for a fun trip and bring with them lots of laughter for the viewers. These people are also affected by their journey due to the scenes of poverty they see along the way. This is a perfect influential movie and a must-watch.

6 Days and 7 Nights

This is not the average love story but it is a thriller in its own way with beautiful scenes from a long lost island. With everyone else dead, two people are left on the island who try their best to survive by depending on each other.

The Beach

Another movie filled with beautiful god-gifted scenes is The Beach where a person is on his quest to find a rumored beach. The Beach was filmed at Maya Bay beach and full of adventures of surfing, boating, and swimming.


Roman Holiday

In this movie, a princess takes a day off from her obligations and goes out to explore the city of Rome on her own. She has a romantic encounter with a reporter who she eventually falls in love with.


These movies represent the love for travel which is why people who watch them set forth on their vacation missions. In order to value other countries and the purpose of traveling individuals should watch these movies and show their inspiration by traveling themselves.



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