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Ways That Pornography Affects Your Brain

There is an ongoing debate on whether pornography has a good or bad impact on our life. Still, we have a scientific research that can help us figure it out. While there are certain positive effects of pornography, such as broadening your imagination or learning few tricks, despite the fact that it never works in life as good as on screen, too much pornography has quite a negative impact on your brain. Check out the list in order to learn the negative effects of pornography.


It enslaves you


Porn videos trigger mirror neurons in your brain. This type of neurons plays key role in the mimic behavior. Sexually explicit material, in this case, triggers the arousal and sexual tension. When masturbating to pornography, the person is bound to the image. Thus, pornography enslaves its viewer, making it too hard for him to get arousal to his sexual partners. As a result, the viewer loses the bonds he has with real partners, bonding more with the images in the porn videos. Maybe it’s better to look at some real-life beautiful girls than seeking those online?


Arousal Addiction


One of the most important chemicals responsible for sexual arousal and response is dopamine. Dopamine is designed to be triggered by sexual stimuli, such as sex per se. Unfortunately, pornography triggers more dopamine than actual sex, thus a person becomes addicted to the porn videos. Arousal addiction teaches the brain to prefer the image to the real-life partners, as a result the porn viewer becomes less satisfied with actual sex endeavors.




Too much porn makes viewers more promiscuous, at least when it comes to sexually explicit images. You don’t stick with one video for too long. Moreover, the old porn video, no matter how much you like it, won’t be able to give you arousal with time. This forces you to search for new videos with more explicit content, thus you dive deep further into porn-addiction. This is known as Coolidge effect, a phenomenon that is often spotted among mammals, where the sexual interest of males can be renewed by an introduction to new receptive partners. In case of porn, sexually explicit videos are your new receptive partners.


It Builds Sexual Patterns That You Follow


When you watch too much porn your sexual behavior will be based on it. In time, in order to get aroused, you’d have either to watch porn videos or bring sexually explicit images in your head.

Watching too much porn makes you addicted to is, thus in order to get aroused you need to make the same mental journey, as your neurological memory will be able to respond to the sexually explicit images from pornographic videos.


Side Effects of Pornography Addiction


Addiction to pornography has certain side effects that are not connected with sexual behavior at first glance. They include low motivation, social anxiety, problems with concentration, as well as low self-esteem. This all comes with the realization that sex in real life is not as great as it is shown in porn. Without understanding that porn is fiction, the viewer is bound to a negative perception of himself in terms of sexual functioning.

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