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Wedding Ring Engraving Ideas and Tips

The tradition of engraving romantic verses onto wedding rings finds its roots in the courts of ancient Europe. Today, inscribing a message on the inside of the ring is one of the most popular ways to personalize an engagement ring.  




You need to request to your jeweler upon ordering the ring. It is because, if your jeweler cannot manage it, you have time to get it done from elsewhere. It is mandatory to carefully inspect the spelling of the inscription requested before you hand it to the engraver, and when you receive it.




It depends upon the length and complexity of your desired inscription. Therefore, it could take half an hour or even a month.


Unique Ideas


If you are unable to curb your emotions in a few characters, then consider inscribing the message around the stone’s rim itself. The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) can laser-engrave a microscopic graphic or message that is visible only with the magnifying glass, and could well be a romantic secret between you and your partner.


What It Costs


The cost typically centers around the number of characters, the font, and whether it will be inscribed by a machine or a hand. Machine engraving costs about $15 to $25 for a word compared to $75 for 8 hand-engraved characters.


Words of Engravement


I love you

To my soul mate

Our love is eternal


A&Z forever (your first initials)

I thee wed

I marry you

You have my heart

To my wife or husband

To have and to hold

Schmoopie (Your nicknames for each other)

Here is my heart; guard it well!

God for me provided thee

Joie sans fin, French (Joy without end)

Mon coeur est a vous, French (You have my heart)

Il mio cuore e il tuo per sempre, Italian (My heart is yours forever)

Vivo per lei, Italian (I live for her)

Myn genyst, Old German (My heart)

Semper amemus, Latin (Let us always love)

花好月, Chinese (Blissful harmony)

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