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wefood sells expired food
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WeFood – Supermarket That Sells Only Expired Food

The only food they have on their shelves is either passed its official expiry date or has been damaged in such a way that it would be thrown out of a regular store.

WeFood – World’s First Supermarket That Only Sells Food Passed Its Expiry Date

A new supermarket opens in Copenhagen – capital of Denmark – called WeFood. Walk into WeFood and you can buy the food at 50 percent lower prices than any other grocery store in the city.

How come?

Well, the only food they have on their shelves is either passed its official expiry date or has been damaged in such a way that it would be thrown out of a regular store.

WeFood opened its doors on February 22, 2016. It is Denmark’s first surplus food supermarket which aims to cut down the problems of food wastage every year.

Folkekirkens Nodhjaelp – a local non-profit organization – has set up this project over the past year. According to them it would help individuals with low-income and limited budget and also reduce the food wasted every day. The prices of some of the products are lower than 50 percent of their original price. This means making good use of food that would otherwise be thrown away and saving the money at the same time.

Eva Kjer Hansen, Danish Food Minister, is Already Praising the Project

The whole effort took a lot of legislative wrangling to set up. The statistics show that, every day, almost 700,000 metric tons of food is thrown away in Denmark and 1.3 billion tons worldwide. The food minister called this situation ridiculous.




Denmark, as a whole, has been doing a great job to overcome the problems of food wastage. The authorities are working hard to cut down the amount of food thrown away each year. Over the past 5 years, they have managed to reduce the figures by 25 percent. Also, the products that are near the expiry date are sold at reduced prices at some supermarkets in an effort to fight this problem.

Per Bjerre – spokesman of Folkekirkens Nødhjælp – said that many people are seeing it as a positive way of approaching the issue. He also said that WeFood is one of its kind in the world which is not only aimed at low income shoppers but also those who are concerned about food wastage problem and environmental issues.

A team of volunteers is responsible for picking up the expired products from supermarket chains and other independent stores.



The question most of us asking would be “Is the food safe to eat?” The “sell by” date – especially on edibles – refers to its freshness. It doesn’t mean that after the date, the food has become poisonous. In many cases, after the date has passed, the product will not be as fresh as once it was. Although some of the products should be thrown away – like bread molds. This practice can help reduce the food wastage.


In 2013, a report suggested that almost 1/3rd of the food produced globally is thrown away. And another report says that US is throwing away 50 percent more food than it did in 1990. In situation like this, WeFood could be useful in tackling problems of food wastage.

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1 Comment

  1. Babu Ramabadran

    December 4, 2017 at 6:31 PM

    This is great. USA has to learn a lot from this. What will it take for something like this to function in USA? That would be my dream venture.

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