Car Pawn: Tips On The Pawnshop

If you urgently need money to repair your car or the essential refrigerator, the pawnshop is not a bad address. Just minutes after the estimate, you will receive the loan amount paid out in cash at banks. You wait between two and three days, even for immediate payment. First of all, pawn shops pawn almost all products, even if they have been used for years. Even an old PlayStation can still bring a small credit line.

You can also pledge several items in Urban area (เขตในเมือง which is the term in Thai) separately to provide the necessary financial leeway. If you don’t have enough money to repossess all things, you then decide which garnishment item is the easiest to part with.

Compare Pawn Shops

Practice shows that pawnshops often offer you the same prices. In terms of costs, too, companies almost always bill at the upper end of the legal limit. But: If the valuation of a pawnbroker does not match your ideas at all, you should obtain a comparison offer from a competitor.

No Incentive For The Wrong Estimation

It makes little sense for the pawnbroker to give you a wrong estimate. If the price is too low, the dealer could lend you more money if the estimate was correct and thus also charge you more interest. If the estimate is set too high, the pawnbroker could achieve insufficiently high proceeds in the event of a possible sale.

Online Pawnshop As An Alternative

The classic pawn shop is now also available online. In principle, neither the legal requirements nor the contractual arrangements differ from those of the stationary pawnbrokers. In some cases, borrowers receive somewhat more favorable terms for their loan, but they also have to wait longer for the loan amount to be paid out.

A non-binding inquiry is made online at the pawnshop. Often, from a list of products, the one that is to be borrowed can be selected. The software now automatically indicates how much the loan would turn out to be.

Then you accept the (non-binding) offer of the online pawnshop and wait for the seized item to be picked up from you.

The pawnbroker will quickly check whether the valuable item corresponds to the information you provided in the first step. If this is the case, the money is paid out to a checking account.

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