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cristiano ronaldo with Dionisio Pestana
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Cristiano Ronaldo and Pestana Hotel Group To Build ‘CR7’ Hotels

Cristiano ronaldo signed a deal with Pestana Hotel Group to build 3 ‘CR7’ Hotels. Ronaldo looks at the life ahead of football and decided become a hotelier after retirement. First hotel is going to be in Madeira followed by one in Lisbon and another in Madrid.

Cristiano Ronaldo is all set to launch his ‘CR7’ brand hotels

Cristiano Ronaldo has already started looking towards life after football as he invested £54 million ($56 million) in hotels bearing his CR7 brand.


Cristiano Ronaldo signs a deal with Pestana group to launch cr7 hotels

Cristiano Ronaldo meeting with Dionisio Pestana to sign a deal. Pestana Group will build 3 hotels with CR7 Brand


Ronaldo told the press on Thursday that many footballers finish their careers without knowing what they are going to do with their lives. For him it’s very clear – I want to take care of my brands.

Real Madrid superstar and captain of Portugal football team has become a shareholder in Portugal’s biggest hotels and resort group, Pestana. He has signed a deal with Petana Group to open 3 hotels in the cities which matters to him the most – Funchal, Lisbon and Madrid. And another one in New York where he has been linked with Major Football League.

He said that he knows his job is to play football but life won’t stay like this forever. He has the best team in the world around him and he is going to dedicate himself to this new project.

“I am young but I feel much fulfilled so this project is exciting for me. I’m thinking about my future, and my son and my family” said the Spanish star. He further told that for now he has no plans of becoming a coach after retirement.

Ronaldo revealed that an off the record conversation with Dionisio Pestana – CEO of Pestana Group – led to this investment. And he has confidence that his latest business venture will take the market by storm and it will be a huge success.


cristiano ronaldo with Dionisio Pestana

Cristiano Ronaldo with Dionisio Pestana, CEO of Pestana Group


Ronaldo praised Dionisio that he has experience not just in Portugal but all over the world. He is number one in hotels and I am number one in football. So, it’s going to be a good partnership. Dionisio is from Madeira as well.

Ronaldo already has a fashion line with brand name ‘CR7’ and has lent his image to many other brands.

The best paid footballer has not forgotten his roots. He is going to open his first hotel in his native land – Madeira – this summer.

First hotel of CR7 brand will open in 2016 followed by another in Lisbon where Ronaldo moved as a youngster and started playing professional football. They also have a site planned in Madrid for 2017.

Pestana Group was founded in Madeira in 1972. It is the biggest hotel group in Portugal, with presence in 16 countries across Europe, Africa and America. They own a total of 87 hotels, six golf courses and two casinos. Their annual turnover is £222 million ($240 million).

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