How To Apply For A canada investor visa

Canada’s investor visa program is designed to attract wealthy business people and investors with substantial assets. It allows successful applicants to obtain Canadian residency in exchange for investing $200,000 CAD into the Canadian economy.

This investment can be made in an active or passive investment vehicle, such as a corporation or real estate trust fund. Since 2014, all applicants must verify their net worth before applying—a requirement that could impact many potential applicants who cannot afford to put up $200K on their own.

Obtain A Police Certificate And Medical Examination

The Canada visa office will request that you provide them with a police certificate from each country in which you have resided for six or more months over the previous 10 years. The certificate must be less than 6 months old, and it cannot have been issued more than six months before the date of your application submission. The medical examination must also be less than six months old and performed by a licensed doctor (if applicable). You can obtain both documents from your local law enforcement agency or hospital, respectively.

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The Canada Investor Visa Allows Business People With Substantial Wealth To Be Granted Immigration Status

  • The canada investor visa is a temporary residence program that allows business people with substantial wealth to be granted immigration status.
  • The investor visa is also a pathway to permanent residence in Canada, and eventually citizenship.

Pay For The Certificates/Examinations

You’ll need to pay for these two items as part of your application process—the Canadian government charges an administrative fee of around $75 per document as well as processing fees (which vary depending on where they are sent).

Submit Forms And Required Documents

The first step is to submit your application form with all the required documents. This includes:

  • Form IMM5709, Application for Permanent Residence Under the Immigrant Investor Program
  • Form IMM5710, Supplemental Information Sheet on Immigrant Investor Program
  • Form IMM5705, Calculation of Investment Amounts for Investor Stream (for Quebec Applicants Only)
  • Form IMM5706, Offering Memorandum and Investment Plan (for Quebec Applicants Only)
  • Form IMM5771: Confirmation of Enrolment or Readmission as a Full-Time Student at an Educational Institution in Canada (if applicable). The applicant must be enrolled in an educational program that leads to a degree or diploma at an accredited academic institution and is full-time during their studies. The applicant must show proof of enrollment or re-taking courses by providing their student ID and transcript from the previous semester/academic year. You may also provide evidence that you were accepted into a post-secondary program beginning September 1st 2019 if you are unable to show proof of enrollment as outlined above due to circumstances beyond your control such being admitted late into a program when there was no room available before September 1st 2019.


This is a very complicated process to navigate, and we highly recommend working with an immigration lawyer or firm when applying for a Canada investor visa. If you need help navigating the application process, contact us today and let’s get started!

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