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michael schumacher started walking again
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Michael Schumacher Started Walking Again After Ski Accident

The racing legend Michael Schumacher started walking again. Two years ago, Schumacher met a tragic accident which left him with devastating brain injuries. A source revealed that he started walking and can move is arm as well.

He is moving again – Michael Schumacher takes his first ‘tentative’ steps after horrific ski accident

According to reports Michael Schumacher can move now. He has regained slight movement in one arm. Also he is able to take tentative steps with the help of his caretakers.

The story was published on the front page of a German Magazine – Bunte – under headline He can move again.

Magazine quoted an unnamed source who told them that Michael has become very thin. But he can walk once again with the aid of his therapist.

The source also said that Schumacher managed to take a few steps. And he also raised his arm.

The magazine claimed that the former F1 driver can walk now with the aid of his carers.

The report appeared in the magazine one week before the 2nd anniversary of Schumacher’s tragic skiing accident on 29th December, 2013. The accident left him with several brain injuries.

The management of racing legend refuted the story. They said that there was no truth in Bunte’s claim.

Michael Schumacher – a seven time Formula One World Champion – suffered a brain damage.

Sabine Kehm – his long term manager – said that they are forced by a recent press report to clarify that the assertion of Michael’s condition is not true. There is no reality in the claim that he could move again.

He also termed this speculation as irresponsible. He said that given the seriousness of his injuries it is very important that we respect his privacy. And it’s very unfortunate that they are giving false hope to many people who are involved.

The whole incident took place when Michael was on a holiday with his wife Corinna and children Mick and Gina. He went on a low speed ski-run where he smashed his head on rocks. After the incident he was induced in an artificial coma.

Last year in September, F1-Racing legend left the hospital and moved to a £10m ($12m) private clinic. It is built within his mansion – by the lake – in Switzerland.

His management has also spoken of encouraging small steps in his recovery. It is thought that his condition has changed little.

Michael Schumacher’s fans are pray for his quick recovery. We may hear a good news in near future regarding his good health.


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