NEET Preparation In The Last 7  Days

In a matter of seven days from now, you are taking up the career-deciding test of your lives! Has this happened to you that you have been studying hard, but the thought of walking into the exam hall makes your mind go blank? Exam jitters are the most natural human tendencies. However, the good news is that you are not alone! We all have lived that emotion. 

The panic is inevitable, especially if it is just a matter of a few days. But panicking can hinder performance and preparation. Even if you are not a cent per cent prepared, there are some tips that you can follow in the last 7 days to simply boost your confidence to put your best foot forward.  

NEET Preparation In The Last Week

NEET requires a comprehensive knowledge of the subject. Along with these tips which we are about to share, an in-depth understanding of concepts is a must to ace NEET. These tips will help you revisit your learnings and strategies to assist in making the most of these last 7 days before NEET. 

Practice As Much

This had to top the list. It is one of the most important tips one could give you. Rigorous practising, marathon sessions whatever you’d like to call that. It is highly recommended to solve NEET question paper from previous years and sample papers. Make it a habit to take up mock tests every day simulated under exam scenarios. 

This way practising gives a sense of confidence and only helps the walk towards the D-Day easier. 

Revisions Are A Must-do

There is no substitute for revision, whether it is something exciting or not. Time seems to fly in these last few days, and you actually sense the rush. With all this, you start getting queasy about not having covered the syllabus or not having studied enough. 

 However, if you are thinking of covering that concept you have never touched, this is not the time. Rather focus on solidifying concepts you have already learned and revise thoroughly. Go through notes you have prepared and get thorough with it. Revisions can actually change the game for you.

Act Wise

Let’s face it, we all know that in a matter of 7 days if you are thinking of starting, it does little good. However, if you adopt smart techniques, you are on the right track. For instance, you can go through the NEET sample paper and deduce the possible set of questions you could expect in the upcoming test. You can even go through the weightage of chapters and prepare according to their priority. 

Relax and Rejuvenate 

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” fits perfectly. You might have prepared well with smart techniques and worked hard, but without being in the right state of mind, you would still not be able to give your best at the test. Health is important. Take some time off and indulge in relaxing activities too. It only makes you all the more active to get back to preparing, all revived. 

Some other tips –  

  • Focus on important reactions/formulae. Let them be at your fingertips 
  • Give an eye to the details on diagrams and graphs
  • Avoid starting new topics
  • Strengthen your basics and strong areas
  • Practice your weak sections
  • Seek help/assistance
  • Improve speed and accuracy levels
  • Learn to manage your time at the exam hall
  • Eat healthy meals 
  • Sleep well

These were a few tips on NEET preparation in the last 7 days. For more on NEET, subscribe to BYJU’S YouTube channels.