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Nails Tip: Wet Your Nails Before Cutting

If you are going to cut your nails yourself, make sure you wet them minutes before cutting.

Now a days, people have started taking care of their beauty more than ever. They care about their looks and fashion. Specially, women are a lot more worried about how are they looking? How they are presenting themselves? What’s their impression on others?
Hands and feet play an important role in enhancing the beauty of a woman. Nails literally define the beauty of your hands and feet. Here’s a tip that can help you make them look better.

If you are going to cut your nails yourself:

Make sure you wet them before cutting.

Keep your hands and/or toes in water for some time. Dry them with a towel after washing. Then start cutting your nails.

This will make them softer and easier to trim. And if your nails break easily, or they are less brittle, you may be less likely to split them. Especially, when you are using an old, blunt or low quality nail cutters.

It will also avoid the clippings from sticking with the clipper. Making your work hassle free.

Another benefit of this is that it will stop the clippings from flying here and there, making it difficult for you to collect them later.

This tip is very beneficial for your toe nails. As they tend to be thicker and larger than fingernails.

I hope this tip will help you in some way or the other.
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