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10 Things to remember while playing Fantasy Cricket

Cricket is a popular game in India, almost more than half of the Indian population loves cricket. Cricket is popular amongst youth as well as old people. It is a game that has no gender bias and anyone can watch it and play it. People enjoy cricket from bottom of their heart. Those people that are separated by religion, the cast are united by the love of cricket. The whole country celebrates the winning moment of cricket match together just like they celebrate the festival. You must have observed children playing and enjoying cricket on the streets. In India, right from the kid to an older-aged person, everyone knows the rules and regulations of this game. You must have watch small cricket tournaments or maybe you are the one who has grown up by playing in such tournaments. Your love for cricket can let you earn money through the IPL fantasy league app apk.  

             Now some of you may have some questions such as how to earn money through cricket? How to play this game wisely and win more and more cash? What if I face a loss in this game? How will I know certain tips about this game? Who will guide me in this game? Well, you don’t have to worry about all such questions here you will get answers to all these questions. You must have discussed certain things such as, which team is going to win the match? Which player will score fifty and which player will get a wicket in the next over? How the pitch or the form of a player is affecting the game? And many more while watching a cricket match with your family. Sometimes you predict the decision of out or not out even before the umpire’s decision. All these decisions and discussions make you a great fan of cricket as well as the best player of fantasy cricket. All these things describe you about the knowledge you have about cricket, love for cricket, a strategy of cricket and many more. Sometimes you know which playing eleven would be the best according to the opponent team and according to other things such as pitch. If you have enough knowledge about the game then only you will win the game. 

              This fantasy cricket app allows you to earn with the help of your knowledge of cricket. They give you a chance to prove yourself based on luck and planning. As technology is developing so the ways through which one can earn are becoming superior. One can play the game from their small device even without any physical exercise just by using their mind. You just have to install the app and play your game. Now here comes the major part that is the guidance regarding that game. Let’s see some tips to play IPL Fantasy Cricket:

  • First of all, read all the rules of the fantasy league that you are playing. Understand the terms and conditions carefully. The rules will include the criteria for the budget as well as for the team, such as how many batsmen and bowlers are there are and how you can select them. Also don’t miss out on any rule as later you will regret it.


  • As you know IPL is the T20 league, therefore, you should focus on the top three batsmen of both teams. As you know they will be the opener and hence they will get the chance to score more and therefore they will gain more points. So here your knowledge of cricket will help you to study them.


  • Remember this tip while selecting wicketkeepers select those wicketkeepers that can bat in the top order. As you know they will get more chance to bat. If you have a place for more than one wicketkeeper then you should pick them. As you know they will receive points for stumping, catches and run-outs. 


  • If you have the basic knowledge of cricket then you already know this tip that is always making sure you have more numbers of all-rounder players in your team. As you know they will be benefited for you through both batting and bowling. 


  • If you have hitters then definitely go for them as they will have high strike rates and they will let you earn points through their performance. In some of the leagues, there are separate points allotted for the boundaries. 


  • Keep your eye on the death bowlers as well especially on those death bowlers who bowl in the power-play. As you know they have high chances of getting wickets. 


  • Always make sure you are having at least one wrist-spinner in your team as they play efficiently in the T20 matches. If you can pick two such spinners then you should go for them.


  • Make sure you thoroughly research the form of each available player. As it will help you to analyze them. It will affect your strategy.


  • If you can predict which team is going to win today then you should select players from that team only. It is good to select a captain from the team from which you have fewer players in your playing eleven.   


  • Don’t just start playing by putting lots of money in the beginning, instead of that as a beginner you should start with trial games that will require minimum money then after practice you can become perfect in those games. 


Always remember all this game such as play fantasy IPL includes some instructions and you should read all the terms and conditions before entering into this app. You should be aware of the risks that are there and you should prepare for that. There are chances that you will get addicted to this game. Therefore always play at your own risk and take proper precautions. Always play your game wisely and remember the above tips. You can also do your research and then you will have more tips and it will easy for you to win the game.

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