Helpful Tool To Get Kids To Eat Healthier

I’m sure anyone who is a parent understands the challenges of trying to get their kids to eat healthy things. I know mine have moaned and groaned about anything green, and have probably snuck them into the garbage behind my back. Then I found the best hack that has worked for me. Soup! I can make really tasty soups and puree them with whatever vegetables I throw in, and the kids are none the wiser. 

I used to cook the soup and then puree it with an immersion blender. That is, until my immersion blender kicked the bucket. Initially I was filled with panic, but then I had a lightbulb moment. I could definitely use my Cuisinart food processor to make these soups! It would probably be even easier than using an immersion blender, or at least less messy. 

My Cuisinart food processor was in pretty good working shape, despite not using it for a bit. Just for good measure, I checked out KitchenWorksInc. They sell authentic Cuisinart dfp-14 parts which is so helpful. I ordered some brand new blades since mine were a few years old, another dough blade since I’d probably start using it for other things now as well. 

I couldn’t believe I hadn’t thought of this sooner. It was probably because my husband was so excited to give me the immersion blender as a gift, so I kept using it regularly so he knew I appreciated it. He was pretty bummed when it broke, but also understood why I needed to use the Cuisinart food processor. He was in the same position that I was with not knowing how else to get our kids on a better track with food.

I googled different veggie soup recipes and wow, the things I was able to sneak into it without my kids knowing! I made soups with squash, broccoli, potato and leek, asparagus and even kale! They didn’t even know, and because I’m pretty good at seasoning the soups, they enjoyed it all just as much as they did before. I was beyond thrilled.

I can make large batches and freeze many of them also, which is great for quick weeknight meals or an easy lunch to take along to work. I’ve also looked into more ways to use my Cuisinart food processor, and the possibilities never seem to end. I can’t believe I never knew so much of this!

Really the thing that makes me happiest is knowing that my kids are getting the nutrients that they need, even if I’m tricking them into it. It’s so important to me to be conscious of these things, and one day they’ll realize the importance too. I’m sure I’ll tell them this story when they’re older, and we’ll all laugh about it. Maybe they’ll even have to do the same thing with their kids and I will teach them how!

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