How to Keep Your Home Clean with Your Pooch’s Help?

Teaching your pooch home cleaning tasks, like picking up toys or putting items in a designated area, enhances mental stimulation and engagement. It helps strengthen your bond and reinforce obedience.

Plus, it can be a fun activity, providing exercise and reducing boredom. This training promotes responsibility and could potentially help maintain a tidier living environment. Monitor your pet so they help clean up the home safely without harming themselves, other people, and things involved.

Simultaneously consider being equipped with dog insurance NZ so that tackling any accidental injuries, unexpected illnesses, and medical emergencies is much easier. Think about purchasing the best pet insurance so your four-legged baby has comprehensive health coverage with minimal costs.

In the meantime, read this article to learn some home cleaning tasks you can teach your pet.

Home cleaning tasks to teach your dog

1.Toy pickup

Train your dog to pick up its toys and place them in a designated container. Start by encouraging your dog to hold a toy, then guide it towards dropping the toy one at a time in a specific container. Use treats and praise to reward your pet.

2.Laundry helper

Teach your dog to retrieve clothing items like socks or towels and bring them to a designated laundry basket. Begin by playing fetch with these items and gradually associate the basket with the game.

3.Trash collection

Train your dog to fetch small trash items like empty water bottles or papers and place them in a wastebasket. Use gentle, unbreakable items and encourage your pet to bring them to the bin.


Wrap a soft cloth around a toy or a specially designed cleaning tool and encourage your dog to “nose” or “paw” at surfaces to wipe away dust. Reward it for interacting with the cloth.

5.Sweeping assist

Attach a lightweight towel or a microfiber cloth to a sweeping tool. Encourage your dog to follow you and engage with the cloth as you sweep, helping to pick up loose dirt and dust.

6.Wiping Paws

Teach your dog to sit or stay at the door, offering its paws for a gentle wipe with a damp cloth before entering. Reward it for cooperating.

Not all dogs can master the above tasks, so be patient and adjust your expectations based on your dog’s personality and abilities. Always make training positive and fun, and focus on strengthening your bond while incorporating such tasks into your pet’s playtime and routine.

Know that engaging puppies in home cleaning tasks can carry risks. Cleaning agents and tools may contain toxic substances harmful if ingested or touched. Canine fur babies might accidentally consume small objects or chew on cleaning tools, posing choking hazards.

Also, their inexperience with cleaning tools might lead to accidents or injuries. It is essential to supervise closely, use pet-safe cleaning products, and ensure a safe environment to mitigate some risks while involving puppies in cleaning activities.

However, you should still consider being equipped with dog insurance in NZ. The best pet insurance covers a dog for broader-ranging health conditions with potentially lesser financial stress, which is why you must contemplate purchasing a policy.

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