Selection of gifts.

Gifts should be chosen based on various factors such as reason, age, price, etc.

Choose a gift.

  1. for a lady who is hardly known. You should avoid giving him an object that is too personal, such as clothing or jewelry, for example. Instead, you can give her some flowers or some treats. You can check .
  2. for a lady whom you know pretty well. You can select an object to decorate your home or to facilitate your housework. In this case, it may be very appropriate to give him some perfume, a subscription to a magazine, a book, some decorative scented candles for the home, etc.
  3. for a man who is little known. You can choose from art books, classical music records, glass decanters, binoculars, cufflinks, antique figurines, etc.
  4. for a well-known man. In this case, the list can be pretty extensive. You can consider objects from to increase your car’s comfort, such as a magnetized cigarette case, a leather map holder. Other possibilities are a pocket or home lighter, office supplies such as a paper cutter, pens, etc. If you like reading, a book. Aftershave colognes, perfumes, soaps, etc. they are very welcome gifts.
  5. for those who are players or athletes. Naturally, the selection work is facilitated since you can give a game of chess or checkers an elegant set of cards. In the case of athletes, you can give an adornment that recalls their favorite sport or an instrument or article of clothing related to the sport.
  6. for teenagers. In this case, too, the selection field is extensive, from books, modern or classical music records, manicure sets, accessories for the favorite sport or hobby: skis, skates, professional balls, camping tent, helmet or sunglasses for sports, motorcycle, etc.
  7. for a child. These gifts are somewhat delicate because we must consider the pleasure of the little ones and take into consideration the parents. When choosing the gift, you should avoid noisy objects that can provoke scolding and disturb the home’s peace, objects that can disturb a small apartment, or toys that dirty and therefore cause disorder to the child’s parents.

Neither should toys that could be dangerous be selected. For this, we must consider the child’s age and make sure that the toy is appropriate for its capacity. Dangerous and probably undesirable toys such as darts, bow and arrow, chemistry kits, etc. Before giving an animal as a pet to a child, the parents should be consulted frankly, as they must ensure that they have the necessary facilities so that the animal does not become a disorder instead of joy and pleasure for the child as for the family in general. You can give away a coloring book with your pencils, storybooks, a child’s watch, etc.

  1. for the sick child. You can select coloring or storybooks to read, board games or any other type that can be played in bed, as well as any toy that provides entertainment without getting out of bed, such as cut-out figures (accompanied by scissors rounded, without a point that could hurt the child), stuffed animals, etc.
  2. for people who have received it at home. Suppose you have been invited to dinner or lunch the next day. In that case, it is a very courteous and delicate detail of you to send flowers to the housewife accompanied by a card expressing your appreciation. You can also send in a box of fine treats that is large enough to be shared by the whole family.

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