Significance of Personal Touch in Selling the High-End Condo Charoen Nakhon

Young professionals working as real estate agents often make the mistake of being too professional while selling condos. A potential client is showing interest to buy a luxury Condo Charoen Nakhon [คอน โด เจริญนคร, which is the term in Thai] does not mean that you have to be highly professional and stick to the strategies of selling without trying a different approach. Sometimes, personal touch in the sales pitch can work more than professional tactics. 

Make the person feel special

The interested buyer has an incredible bank balance to pay for the luxury condo. Of course, you have to make the person feel special. Instead of maintaining the competitive strategies of marketing, start focusing on the condo’s special features, emphasizing that the special feature is good for special people like the client only. 

Visit the local hotspots

If you have completed the research on your client, you can find out the favorite hot spots of the client near the condo. Visiting those nightclubs and bars from the site will help the client to practically experience the proximity of the hotspots from the place make the person feel how it will be to visit the favorite restaurant without much planning any time. 

Highlight the key features

What are the distinguishing features of the Condo Charoen Nakhon that you are selling.? If you iterate the common features of a condo, the luxury model buyers won’t take an interest. But once you get into the special features, if any, it will be interesting for them. 

Check-in regularly

Straightforward follow-ups are not good with high-end clients. So you have to find out ways of getting in touch soon after every visit so that you can accelerate the conversion. Engage in the casual discussion that may lead to business talk. 

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