Storage And Care Of Bags

If you are a lover of bags, you should also know how best to store and care for your bags.

Storage Of The Bag

If you will not be using your bag for a long period, it is best to keep it in a cloth bag. This not only protects the bag from stubborn dust but also prevents possible discoloration from direct sunlight. So that your bag which you can match with a T shirt from Custom T-shirt Printing stays as beautiful as it was on the first day, dust residues should be brushed from the leather at regular intervals. A special suede brush can be used for this. To make the leather look a little livelier again, use the brush head and follow the leather’s grain in small movements.

How To Clean Your Suede Bag

It happens faster than you think, and there is a stain on the suede bag. However, special care is required when cleaning, because most of the things we usually use for cleaning leave unsightly stains on the leather.

The general rule for cleaning suede bags is hands off the water. Water not only leaves unsightly stains but also changes the grain of the leather. Therefore, under no circumstances should you use a water-based leather cleaner.

If you notice the stain while it is still wet, dab it dry with a cloth. The dabbing soaks up the moisture to a large extent, thus reducing the extent of the damage to your bag. Corn starch or talc can be used to dry out the stain completely overnight.

Small Stains – Leather Brush

A special suede brush is best for removing smaller stains and dust residues. It is essential that you brush with the leather’s grain here; otherwise, the stain may be brushed into the leather. Once the stain has been removed, you can carefully brush against the grain to straighten the leather fibers and restore the leather’s structure.

When There Is No Suede Brush

If you don’t have a suede brush at hand, a toothbrush or an eraser can be used to clean the bag. Due to the different textures of the eraser, it absorbs the dirt from the suede. Make sure, however, that the eraser is unused; otherwise, the dirt can be transferred to the leather.

Large Stains – Erasers

For larger and more stubborn stains, a so-called suede eraser such as the nubuck box is suitable. These erasers have two different sides; the coarser side is used to clean the bag, the softer side can be used to remove dust and roughen the leather.

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