The Best Sources for Streaming Free Content Online

If you spend a lot of time working, you might feel the need to relax and watch something entertaining every once in a while. While there are a lot of service, both online and offline which can provide you with the right content, most of them are with paid subscriptions. Even if you find the right one for you, if you don’t use it often enough, it might end up being somewhat of a waste. Fortunately, there are a lot of free, legal sources through which you can access almost all the same content without having to pay a monthly fee. 

If you’re away from home a lot, you may also worry about its safety due to not being able to keep an eye on things at all times. For this purpose, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors can be very helpful. That said, the following are the best sources you can find online for streaming free TV shows, movies and documentaries.


If you already stream online, you have most likely already heard of this service. Tubi is an ad-supported streaming service that will let you watch a lot of TV shows and movies for free. With its over 20 million monthly users, Tubi is a very reliable source of entertainment due to being both free and legal. It has over 250 content partners, and continues to spread out over various regions all over the world, even though it was initially launched in America. If you can find the specific content you want to watch, Tubi is possibly one of your best choices for free online streaming.


Evidently the most popular one on the list, YouTube is the platform where you can access more free content than pretty much anywhere else on the internet. The one drawback may be that specific television shows that are owned by other companies aren’t allowed on the website, so you may not be able to watch all your favorite TV shows and movies – however, YouTube makes up for this with its own endless hours of original content. There are creators with huge followings, who have branched out into YouTube’s paid service known as YouTube TV, where you can access exclusive content created by famous YouTubers. 


Vimeo is both a streaming and video sharing platform used mostly by students, teachers or filmmakers trying to launch their careers and get a good following from smaller platforms. Vimeo also offers all its content for free, but you might not have as many good choices as you would with other streaming platforms. It is a platform for artists to share their own work, as well as discover other underrated talent. If you are looking for original content that you may not be able to find anywhere else, or even just trying to promote something to a target audience, Vimeo is a good option.


For those viewers who are into Japanese animation, Crunchyroll is the streaming platform for you. A lot of people struggle to find reliable free sources where they can watch anime. Crunchyroll changes that by being one of the very few completely legal platforms to offer hours of Japanese animated shows that pretty much anyone can enjoy. All you have to do is sign up and start watching. The one drawback, however, is that the free selection on Crunchyroll is somewhat limited. In order to access more shows, you would have to get their subscription. Regardless, this platform is quite helpful for anyone who loves anime and needs a reliable source to stream it.


If you’re tired of most streaming services asking for a subscription, IMDb is the perfect platform for you. A lot of users don’t want to pay for a service, but would be okay watching a few commercials and such in exchange for being able to stream free content – this is exactly what IMDb is for. Using these ads, this platform makes content free for all users, being both a source of entertainment as well as information such as reviews and ratings for a particular movie. It will provide you with things like top free movies, news, movie trailers and celebrity profiles, all in one convenient source. This way, you can even discover new movies that you may enjoy watching.


This is another free streaming service that offers a range of classic TV shows and movies for all its users. Crackle has content which is exclusive to its users only; not only does it consist of a growing number of shows and movies, it is also frequently updated with new releases. To access its paid services, you simply have to pay a small amount of money and watch a few ads, but with what it offers, it is certainly worth it. Signing up for an account will give you a lot more features, but if you prefer the free version, you can keeping using that as well. 


Having a range of free sources to stream content on can be very convenient. You will not have to pay to access any of it, and will have a much diverse collection of visual content to select from. There is no commitment and you never have to worry about not finding a particular movie you may be looking for, since you can always look through different sources and aren’t bound to that particular one. While subscriptions might be convenient and occasionally helpful, they can be somewhat binding since you are paying for them.

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