What is a CBD Shop?

In Italy they are now present in every city and represent a reference point for all those who want to approach the world of light cannabis. In our country, no special permits are required to sell legal marijuana. The physical stores authorized to sell are:

  • Tobacco shops
  • Electronic cigarette stores
  • Herbalist shops
  • Bars
  • Parapharmacies
  • CBD Shops

CBD Shops, specifically, are defined as such when they also sell light cannabis products. The term grow store, on the other hand, refers to stores that also specialize in cannabis cultivation.

In addition to physical stores, the sale of hemp is also permitted in online shops. Many CBD Shops, in fact, also have a support site where they sell all their products. This allows the addition of shipping and home delivery, essential to date for customers. Of course, there are those who choose to opt only for the online store, without necessarily relying on a physical store. Again, the sale of cannabis light products is free and does not require special permits of any kind.

The advantages of an online CBD Shop

Online stores have a significant advantage over physical stores. In addition, they can have a potentially larger customer base, residing even in far-flung places. Online shopping has become essential for a great many consumers, who are aware of the benefits that the online shop offers, unlike the physical store. Let’s see together what are the main advantages of buying via the Internet:

Shop open h24: It is perhaps the most important advantage. Customers, in fact, can buy at any time of the day, any day of the week, better managing the time they want to devote to shopping;

Cheaper prices: Customers can easily compare different sites selling the same product, choosing the one with the best price;

Saving time: Going to a physical store takes much more time and they often risk not finding the product they want. Not to mention that in the store we might find other people and thus spend additional time waiting for our turn;

Greater variety of choice: Online platforms offer a wide range of products, even when it comes to hard-to-find products.

CBD Shop Vending Machines

Some CBD Shops may decide to sell their products even during closing hours by providing customers with a vending machine. This service, like online shops, is also available 24 hours a day. However, a vending machine with cannabis light products can be opened even if an actual physical shop is not available.

Unlike the online shop, the vending machine allows the customer to make the purchase and receive the goods immediately. This service also makes it possible to intercept all those customers who for various reasons would never go to physical stores.

What a CBD Shop can sell


Light cannabis inflorescences can be sold as collectibles. This means they cannot be presented as products to be taken by inhalation or combustion.

Food and beverages

Regarding food and beverages there is still a lot of confusion. Some, in fact, argue that they cannot contain traces of THC in any way. Others, however, believe that there can be traces of tetrahydrocannabinol, as long as the limits are as prescribed by law. Herbal teas, specifically, cannot contain traces of THC in any way.


Seeds capable of developing marijuana plants with high THC content can also be legally sold in Italy. Even this sale, however, must be presented as a collecting activity, and the seller may not provide the customer with informational material on how to get the plant to develop. The sale of fertilizers, on the other hand, is lawful, even if it is done together with the sale of seeds.


In the case of cosmetics, the problem of the possible illegality of the products does not arise, as long as the part that is used is the oil resulting from the pressing of the seeds, which does not contain THC.


Some hemp stores also integrate clothing into their store. In fact, hemp is a natural material that has also always been used to make all kinds of yarn. Fabrics made from hemp are breathable, cool, resistant to washing, and adaptable for any type of garment. T-shirts and shirts made from hemp can usually be found in grow stores, but other types of textiles, such as bedspreads, pants, curtains, and more, can be found in better-stocked stores.


Many CBD Shops also offer their customers a wide range of gadgets, which have the marijuana leaf as their main subject. You can find mugs, posters, lighters, magnets, key chains, bottle openers, mouse pads, storage boxes, and more.

Are CBD Shops legal businesses?

Obviously yes, CBD Shops are completely legal businesses, although there have been incidents of complaints for some shopkeepers in the past. However, they were resolved in almost all cases with acquittals and return of the products, as the level of THC present was below the limits established by law. A legal cannabis store, in fact, can only sell hemp and its derivatives if it complies with the maximum thc content of 0.6 percent and if it uses seeds registered in the European Union.

However, the ban on burning hemp remains: even if they are products containing a very low level of thc, the product cannot be used for anything other than what it was intended for. If the percentage of tetrahydrocannabinol exceeds the maximum threshold, seizure or destruction of the crop can be ordered, excluding the farmer’s liability.

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