What Is An Audiologist?

An audiologist is a specialized person who uses problem-solving skills along with suitable technology to deal with hearing issues in people. The audiologists of forest hills audiology are not only treating the hearing problems but are also responsible for the diagnosis of issues. As well as, managing and balancing ear issues or hearing loss issues includes in the duties of audiologists.

If you are interested in knowing more about audiology and audiologists, keep yourself engaged with the article. Firstly, know about the places where an audiologist can play his roles and can get a job

  • Hospitals 
  • Clinics  
  • Private practices 
  • ENT offices 
  • Universities 
  • K-12 schools 
  • Government 
  • Military 
  • Veterans’ Administration

This list is quite obvious, but you may wonder that why the list is containing schools. Let me clear this confusion that audiologists are not just responsible for the treatment the ear problems. But it also manages the communication with the people who are suffering from hearing problems. The audiologists are specialized in teaching the special type of communication to children and adults (suffering from hearing loss). Not only this, but they also spread the awareness in the society that how should they cope with hearing issues. Most of them are now teaching the public about the prevention of hearing loss.

Does An Audiologist Has A Degree?

Furthermore, know some information related to the degree of the audiologist. Maybe you want to confirm that if the audiologists have the degree or not. To know about the answer, keep reading and it will be clear to you.

  • The audiologists earn the degree of doctor of audiology which is also known as AuD
  • Most audiologists earn a degree in philosophy, which is referred to as a Ph.D. in hearing and balance sciences.
  • Audiologist also earn the Science degree known as ScD within the hearing and balance sciences
  • Forest hills audiology makes sure that all of its audiologists are licensed or registered for all states

What Does The Audiologist Treat?

The topic is going to cover the issues which are treatable by the audiologist. The straightforward answer is that audiologist can treat almost all the hearing issues, such as

Sensorineural Hearing Loss 

The audiologists of forest hills audiology are responsible for diagnosing the type of hearing loss. Let’s say the type of loss is Sensorineural which is caused by the

  • Autoimmune Disease 
  • Lime Disease 
  • Acoustic Neuromas 
  • Multiple Sclerosis 

The audiologist work on the root of the problem to provide the best treatment to the individual.

Hidden Hearing Loss 

Moving ahead in the treatments, the audiologists provided the cure of hidden hearing loss. The loss is caused by the damage of the cells which are present within the hearing organ of a person. It’s the damage of the cell which are directly connected to the brain for proper hearing and reacting skills. The role of the audiologist is to repair the cells to improve the hearing and reversing the hearing loss process. Due to this, the person becomes able to interpret the sound in the right way.

Non-Syndromic Genetic Hearing Loss 

Moreover, the audiologists are responsible for the treatment of nonsyndromic hearing loss. This specific loss is caused by the syndromic hearing loss which is never noticed by the other symptoms. The mutations that account for the loss are almost 70% are with the genetic hearing loss. There is a possibility that genetic hearing loss may vary from person to person in several ways. Most of the time this loss affects one ear and sometimes it affects both ears at the same time. The audiologists provides the stability to improve the hearing of individual.

Syndromic Genetic Hearing Loss 

While on the other hand, syndromic hearing loss is due to several different conditions. The symptoms and the causes of this specific loss vary from person to person. Audiologists have to find the exact type of hearing loss to provide the best treatments. Syndromic genetic hearing loss comes with some other issues of kidney, heart, and eyes. The audiologists of forest hills audiology are working at their best to treat people with this hearing loss.

Congenital Cytomegalovirus (Cmv) Infection 

CMV is hearing loss that is caused by the virus and it may happen in almost all age groups. The virus directly affects the ability to hear in a person. Therefore, the audiologists make sure to remove this problem by its root and remove the virus from the body. It is worth mentioning that, if you do not get the right treatment at the right time, it may harm the hearing ability badly.

Noise-Induced Hearing Loss 

Maybe we are living in some area that is full of harmful sounds which affect the hearing track of a person. These sorts of long and loud sounds cause damage in cells. In this situation, the audiologists recommend the people use the protective wearable accessory to get rid of these sounds. Also, they provide treatment to those who are suffering from hearing loss by noise-induced.


The term ototoxicity is referring the damage of the hearing loss along with the balance of the other related organs. Audiologists provide the proper medications to improve the health of the inner ear. Also, they spread the awareness in people to stop the use of chemicals and ototoxic medications because they ruin the overall heating system.

How Audiologist Treat The Hearing Loss

There must be some ways to treat the health issues. Similarly, there are some ways to treat hearing loss that are used by audiologists. Have a look at these methods of treatment

  • Hearing aids or hearing medicines
  • Providing assistive listening and using the alerting devices
  • Cochlear implants is also a method of treatment
  • FM systems
  • Aural hearing rehabilitation is the other mean of treating hearing loss

To Wrap It Up

The audiologists are working at their best to treat hearing loss. This blog which, is presented to you by forest hills audiology, is containing the roles of the audiologist. It is clearly describing the problems which are treated by the audiologist and the method which they use to treat hearing problem


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