A Guide To 1911 OWB Holster

OWB is abbreviated for “Over the Waist Band”. OWB holsters are “Over the Waist Band” holsters. These holsters are worn along the waist line, either concealed or for carrying the weapon openly (also called “open carry”). OWB holsters are mostly used by police and other armed personnel. An OWB holster carrying a gun can be concealed under a shirt, jacket, coat etc. OWB holsters are mostly made up of Kydex and polymer. OWB holsters are moulded in shape of the gun they are being designed to carry and are known for their compactness, durability and comfort.

About 1911 OWB Holster

A 1911 Holster OWB are designed specifically for Over the Waist Band carriage of “1911 series” guns. You must be wondering why is this series called 1911? Well, the answer is pretty straight forward- these guns were designed by the United States Army in the year 1911.1911 OWB holsters are engineered, keeping the model of 1911 gun in perspective.

It has become increasingly essential for us to find solutions currently being encountered whilst using the holsters. Not being able to draw out or put back the weapon with ease or the position of the noose of the gun whilst it is placed around the waist in the holster. These are few of the problems that have been calling for attention.


Easy drawing and re-holstering :-

Model specific innovations like “1911 OWB Holsters” offer amicable solution to the problems that we just talked about. 1911 Holsters are moulded according to the model of the gun and since it is made up of Kydex and Polymer, they offer a sturdy structure. Owing to this feature, the guns can be drawn out and re-holstered without the fear of the holster collapsing after the gun is drawn.


Concealment of the weapon is another concern that gets addressed by the “1911 OWB Holster”. Even though it is an OWB holster, it’s compact design allows the wearer to conceal the weapon by his or her shirt, jacket, coat etc. The holster can be worn for longer period of time without any discomfort.


The “1911 OWB Holster” is made up of Kydex and Polymer that enforces the fact that it is tough enough to stand the wear and tear of long term use.

1911 OWB holster has time and again demonstrated it’s benefits during emergencies. It’s compact design allows for safe de-holstering and re-holstering of the weapon. This minimizes chances of any accidental triggers. The material that makes up the holster allows it to be worn all day long without the fear of it chaffing your skin. The police and the military has been utilizing the “1911 OWB holster”owing to the plethora of it’s convenient features. These features along with improving the aesthetics and features have aided in many exigencies our police and military forces have to face every day. Despite being a thin material, Kydex provides unmatched durability. The holster is also adjustable, meaning, it can be adjusted around the waistline in several positions depending upon your comfort.

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