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Buying A Condo: Essential Considerations

Buying a house in a condominium such as Condo next to bts Ratchayothin (คอน โด ติด bts รัช โยธิน which is the term in Thai)) is a dream of many people. After all, who doesn’t want the convenience of living in a safe place, with first-rate finishes and even leisure options at home? There’s nothing like being able to relax without leaving the house, enjoying the attributes of the collective area, such as a swimming pool and barbecue on that sunny day, right?

Thinking about these aspects, we prepared this post with essential tips for anyone looking to buy a house in a condominium. Follow the reading and plan!

  1. Get At Least 20% Of The Home’s Value

Real estate financing has been an excellent alternative for those who want to streamline their dream of homeownership. However, it is necessary to plan very well to run the risk of having the balance in the red later. In this sense, experts indicate that the idea is to have at least 20% of the total value of the property to make the purchase.

On average, this is the amount required for the entry of real estate financing in most cases, although this may vary according to specific institutions. Do not forget that the value of the remaining installments should not compromise more than 30% of the family income. Thus, it is guaranteed that the benefits will easily fit in your pocket.

  1. Choose A Location With A Security System

Security is a big difference in condominiums. Many people choose this type of housing precisely because they consider it safer. When searching for the ideal property, carefully observe the building’s standards and check which security system the condominium offers.

Electronic monitoring cameras, electric fences, and visitor access control are the main mechanisms used. Unfortunately, we can’t feel 100% sure that we can at least choose a home with these attributes, can we?

  1. Consider Your Privacy In The Property

Living in a condominium has become synonymous with peace because people feel in a familiar environment, where they know the entire neighborhood. After all, not everyone is willing or has enough time to respond to calls from the street, such as street vendors, delivery people, etc.

In condominiums, the doormen solve this problem without any resident bothering. Higher walls or the distance between one property and another are other advantages in this type of housing. In addition to security, they prevent properties from being exposed to the eyes of those passing by on the street.

  1. Evaluate Shipping And Services Offered

Choose a neighborhood with easy access and a good offer of services and transport. This will facilitate (a lot!) your day-to-day and family routine. When researching options, assess traffic in the region and see if peak times are too complicated. Also, check if there are alternative routes to reach the neighborhood. After all, wasting time in traffic should be out of the question for those who want to live well.

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