What To Know About How To Change A Tire?

Knowing how to do this makes the difference between making a brief stop to change the damaged tire and continuing on the road without problem or spending hours waiting for a tow truck to arrive or someone to help you. How to do it correctly? Follow these steps:
  • Stop in a safe place.
  • Find the jack, the tire lock nut (if you have one), and a cross wrench.
  • Place the jack below the base recommended by the manufacturer and ensure that your vehicle stands firm, helping you with the lever. Adjust the hydraulic jack, but don’t lift the car just yet.
  • Loosen the lug nuts but do not remove them altogether.
  • Now yes, lift the car with the help of the jack until the punctured tire is entirely above the ground.
  • Finish loosening the nuts and remove the tire.
  • Find and place the spare wheel. Tighten the nuts but do not fully tighten them.
  • Lower the car so that the wheel touches the ground, and remove the jack.
  • Lastly, tighten the spare tire nuts as much as possible.
Know How To Identify The Symbols On The Board It can often happen to you that you are driving and you see that the dashboard marks a light. It is vital to know what our car means when one of these symbols appears. That is why it is essential to always have the manufacturer’s manual in your vehicle. In this way, you can find them right there and identify the meaning of these warnings to know what to do in each case. Finally, while it is good to have a basic notion of the car’s mechanical issues, it is necessary to know that you cannot do everything. That is why you must be aware of the importance of performing preventive maintenance on your car to take care of it. Check for booking auspicious car plate numbers (จอง ทะเบียน รถ มงคล which is the term in Thai)

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