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How to use glass walls to enhance cramped condos?

More and more people are moving to bigger cities now. The reason for this migration is the availability of jobs and other opportunities. Some people move to bigger cities just because they enjoy fast-paced life while others are forced due to their work. Regardless of the reason, the influx of people has caused a shortage of living spaces.

To combat this shortage, the living spaces have been becoming smaller and smaller. Human beings crave freedom and these cramped spaces can cause some psychological problems. People are using condo glass wall (กระจก ติด ผนัง คอน โด, which is the term in Thai) to tackle this problem.

What does a glass wall do?

A glass wall reflects natural light entering a condo and spreads it to places where the light wouldn’t react naturally. This illuminates the room with natural lighting and makes it look more open. It also reflects open spaces. This means that you’d normally see a dead end, you see the reflection of open space. This gives the idea that the room or hallway is more spacious than it is.

Things To Consider During The Installation

  • Size: 

The size of the glass plays the most important role in determining the effectiveness of a condo glass wall. The larger the glass is, the more light it’ll reflect. Also, larger glasses reflect a larger area, making the cramped spaces look more spacious.

  • Shape: 

The shape of a glass wall is generally only considered as a fashion sense. The shape needs to match the general aesthetic of the whole condo. For example, if the condo is filled with modern furniture, a more rigid shape of the glass would be preferable. 

The shape, however, can also determine the amount of light reflected. For example, a rectangular glass is preferred over an oval one in a hallway.

  • Placement: 

The position of the glass wall should be pre-planned. Glass walls are more effective in areas where they can reflect maximum light. But this does not call for installing them opposite of the window. A better place would be the end of a hallway where they can create illusions of space too.

  • Frame And Glass Color: 

The frame and color of a condo glass wall is all about preference and matching the aesthetics of the condo.

Glass walls are a great workaround for cramped spaces. Just don’t go around putting glass walls everywhere or without giving it a thought first.

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