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Speed ​​Bumps: Regulations, Types, Design, And Materials

Its mission is clear, but do you know how many types there are? What design must they comply with? With what materials and in which sections should they be installed?

Speed ​​bumps, guards are lying down, overhangs, etc. Their mission is to act as speed bumps in sections and particular points where there is a greater risk of being run over or an accident. What types of speed bumps are there? Do they have to comply with a specific design regulation? Who orders them?

To ensure that these parking stops fulfill their mission without added risks and without affecting possible damage to both the vehicle and the occupants, a regulation was reached to regulate and thus homogenize these elements throughout the world.

Despite the existence of standard criteria, drivers and motorist associations, in general, have been denouncing for a long time the existence of illegal speed bumps that do not comply with the law. What does the regulation say about speed bumps?

Types Of Speed Bumps

The raised pedestrian crossing is also called a trapezoidal cross-section. The regulations establish that they must have central raised area 10 centimeters high and four meters long with two ramps. These ramps will not exceed one meter in length if the speed bump is located in an area limited to 30 km / h, 1.5 meters for a limitation of 40 km / h, and 2.5 meters for areas of 50 km / h. Another requirement is that the edge of the ramp, the distance between the asphalt and the beginning of the ramp, do not exceed 5 millimeters, essential to avoid material damage to vehicles.

The donkey’s back or the speed bump with a circular cross-section is the second type referred to in the regulations. They differ from the other because they are made of resistant plastic material and are never used as a pedestrian crossing. The raised area is 6 centimeters from the asphalt and 4 meters long. As in the raised pedestrian crossing, the leading edge must be less than 5 millimeters.

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